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Enjoy the Holidays

Food is a big part of holiday celebrations. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, we look forward to holiday gatherings with friends and family, where the tables are full of hors d'oeuvres, our favorite dishes and special desserts. And at work, there's an endless array of goodies, compliments of our fellow employees.With all the holiday treats, it's easy to eat more than usual at this time of the year. But there's no need to feel guilty! "TV,newspaper and magazine stories are full of tips for avoiding weight gain during the holidays," "But, it's OK to indulge now and then.

The holidays are stressful enough without dealing with the stress of gaining weight. There's no need to pass up your favorite foods or deprive yourself." Moderation and balance are the keys. "If you'll be going to one Thanksgiving gathering and one celebration for Christmas, or other religious holiday, relax and enjoy yourself. You won't gain weight by indulging once in awhile. If you go to a party every weekend over the next few weeks, however, you probably will gain a few pounds if you don't practice control." Advice for enjoying the Holiday
  • If you need to lose weight, don't start dieting during the holidays.
  • If your New Year's resolution is to lose weight, you may view the holidays as a time to overindulge with the intent of dieting in January.
  • Place the emphasis on the special aspects of the holidays -family and friends, socializing, enjoying time off -and not just food. Take a walk after meals, play games, or decorate holiday cards.
  • Maintain your perspective. Overeating one or two days won't break your eating plan, and it won't make you add pounds.
  • If you exercise, continue to do so during the holidays. If you don't exercise, it's important to be physically active. Aim for at least 45-60 minutes of exercise each day.
  • Don't starve yourself in anticipation of a big holiday meal. Your hunger will cause you to eat more than you normally would.
  • If you drink alcohol, factor those extra calories into your holiday feasting. One 8-ounce glass of eggnog has more calories than a slice of apple pie!
  • Finally, enjoy the season!

NLBC Health and Wellness Ministry

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