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Poem: Rightly Divide the Word of Truth

(2 Timothy 2:15)

Last semester, one of the courses I took was English
I haven’t had an English course since I was in high school,
so my knowledge of the rules of punctuations was a little rusty.
Starting out taking this English course was a bit challenging,
but I got a lot of help from my professor and classmates.
I’m sure most of my classmates were still practicing the English rules.

As time progress, the course became a little easier
and the rules of punctuations became clear.
I had not forgotten them, I just hadn’t practice them
for so long I was confused.

In the beginning my grades started out low, not failing, just low.
This was something I didn’t expect because I thought I spoke perfect English.
You see in high school, English was my best subject because it came easy to me.
After this semester was over, my English average was 92, an A.

I read the Word of God daily
and sometimes I may not always pay attention to the punctuations
except the periods and commas.
Since I have brushed up on my punctuations through this English course,
the Bible seems to come more alive than before.

Sometimes reading the Bible confuses me.
It’s because I very seldom applied the rules of punctuations.
Now, I pay attention to the periods, commas, quotes, exclamations, etc.
This helps me to understand who is speaking, when to pause, stop, or even get excited.
Matthew 5:18—I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not
the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means
disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.

See, the dash between Matthew 5:18 and the word I let me know
something else is coming before I get to the point.
The next time you read the Word of God, don’t forget the punctuations.
They are an important part of the Bible.
Once you have used these punctuations properly, you will fine
that you are applying the rules to help rightly divide the Word of Truth.

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