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Poem: That Beautiful Path

It was Saturday, February 4, 2012, I was there

To witness such a beautiful moment for the first time

We all were gathered around, waiting for the

Death Angel to come into the room


He watched as we were saying our good-byes

To the one who would breathe her last

There were no struggles, no crying

Only a sense of peace that filled that room


The shadow that once again will fulfill his task came in

But we weren’t scared, we understood

We have been waiting for this

For God had already prepared us for this moment


We were sad, happy, filled with mixed emotions

Knowing that another will have to walk that beautiful path

She was saying her good-byes before the roll was called

And she called each one of us by name and told us she loved us


When her name was called

She rose up in obedience to that voice

She said I know you will miss me, but I must go

I will be waiting for you when you walk that beautiful path


Then the Death Angel said yes, we must go

He told her your task have been completed

And it is time for you to receive your eternal rest

She said I understand and ask what about them


He said there will be a time when they will leave

And I will be there for them

There will be sadness and you will be missed

But God needs you in heaven now to help watch over those you loved


Someday I will come for them

So they can walk that beautiful path

But until then, they have work to do

The beautiful path is expecting you


For all of you who have had a love one to pass, know that God is in control and he understands


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