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Broken Pieces, Made Whole - Poem

One morning while I was in devotion
A vision of my past became my present
I tried to focus my thoughts
But the vision became unpleasant

I saw when I was a child
The things I couldn't understand
I was toss back and forth in this vision
By the world and it's game plan

As I continue to review this vision
I saw a potter take some clay
He placed it carefully on a spinner
And started shaping it without delay

From bottom to top the form came to view
The masterpiece I thought took so long
But when breath was put in that hollow place
Down came the form I thought was strong

A second potter looked at the pieces
And took out what he didn't need
He grinded the remaining to dust
But gave it his own seed

The second potter begin to build
But with it came bumps and bruises
I had no choice for I was only the clay
Being built by however the potter chooses

I didn't know I was perfect
When the potter finished with me
He put me through an awesome test
To see what I would be

He let the wind, the rain beat against me
Even at times the potter laid me around
He let me sit for years until I was covered with dust
And when he was finished he placed my feet on solid ground

Now I know I'm perfect
Because the storms are still beating me
It don't hurt as much as it did before
Because the other potter was Jesus you see.

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