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Get Involve - Inspirational Poem

Praying to God is our source of communication to him.
We read the Bible because this is one of many ways that God speaks to us.
But when God speaks to us, do we know what he is saying?
Do we listen receive with our ears or with our hearts?

Most of the time when we read God's Word
We know what we are reading, but we may not always react to it.
The Bible is not just another book, it is life
When we pray for those who are not saved, do we witness?

When we pray for those who have suffered by ways of disaster,
Do we help them by giving our time, talent and treasure?
When we pray for those who are in authority, do we take charge?
When we pray for families and marriages to be restored
Do we as family members do what God requires?

If we get involved in what we pray to God for
Praying won't just be praying,
But our communication to God in action
The next time we pray, let's give thought to what our involvement is.

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