Bible Study - June 15th, 2011

2 Timothy Bible Study
Chapter Three
New Life Bible Church
June 15, 2011

Paul imprisoned in Rome as the result of persecution under Nero, realized when he wrote this letter,that his death was near. Alone and cold in his dungeon, the veteran missionary wrote to his young son in the faith.  Soon afterward, according to tradition, he was beheaded on the Ostian Way, west of Rome. (67AD).  His last letter of fourteen written.

1.  What does Paul say will happen in last days? V-1

2.   How does Paul describe men's behavior in the last days? V-2-4

3.  What will be unique about evil men in the last days? V-5

4.  Why will some of these evil men be successful? V-6

5.  A great deal of learning doesn't always lead to the ______________. V-7

6. What will eventually happen to evil men? V-9

7. How does Paul instruct Timothy? Vs-10, 14 

8. Who delivered Paul from his persecutions? V-11  

9. What promise do you see in verse 12 for Christians?

10. Do you think evilness will gradually decrease in the last days?  V-13

11.  What are the sacred writings Paul is referring to in verse 15?

12. What can these sacred writings do? V-15  

13. What Old Testament stories are not inspired by God? i.e Jonah's fish, Balaam's donkey. V-16

14. Name four things Scripture can do? V-16

15.  Name two things that will happen to the man/woman who obeys Scripture? V-17