Bible Study - June 1st, 2011

2 Timothy Bible Study
Chapter Two
New Life Bible Church
June 1, 2011

Paul imprisoned in Rome as the result of persecution under Nero, realized when he wrote this letter,that his death was near. Alone and cold in his dungeon, the veteran missionary wrote to his young son in the faith.  Soon afterward, according to tradition, he was beheaded on the Ostian Way, west of Rome. (67AD).  His last letter of fourteen written.

1.  How can our faith be made strong? V-1 2.   Explain how you can be used as a vessel in spreading the Gospel? V-2

3.  How does Paul compare a Christian to a soldier? Vs-3, 4

4.  How does Paul compare a Christian to an athlete? V-5

5.  How does Paul compare a Christian to a hard working farmer? V-6

6. Jesus, a descendant of David; explain. V-8, See also 2 Samuel 7:12,13   

7. Paul was in prison, but what was not? V-9 

8. When were you chosen by God for salvation? V-10, see also Ephesians 1:4 

9. If we died with Him, we shall also ___________ with Him. V-11

10. If we endure, we shall also ___________ with Him, if we deny Him, He will _______________ us. V-12

11.  If we are faithless, He remains ________________.  V-13

12. How should a student of the Word, handle the Word? V-15 

13. Paul speaks against empty chatter, (vain babblings) what is the danger? V-16-18

14. How does God affirm that we belong to Him, and what should we do? V-19

15.  What kind of members can you expect to find in the local church? V-20

16.  What kind of members does God wants to find in the local Church? V-21

17. What should we flee from and what should we purse? V-22                             

18. Describe a Christian servant. V-24,25

19. Why are the unsaved blind to the Gospel or Christians some time to holy living? V-26; see also 2 Corinthians 4:4

20. What verse in this chapter helped you the most and why?