Bible Study - May 25th, 2011

2 Timothy Bible Study
Chapter one
New Life Bible Church
May 25, 2011

Paul imprisoned in Rome as the result of persecution under Nero, realized when he wrote this letter,that his death was near. Alone and cold in his dungeon, the veteran missionary wrote to his young son in the faith.  Soon afterward, according to tradition, he was beheaded on the Ostian Way, west of Rome. (67AD).  His last letter of fourteen written.

1.  Knowing that Nero was going to put him to death, what promise was Paul holding on to?  Vs-1

2.   How did Paul serve God? Vs-3

3.  What was Timothy doing the last time Paul saw him? Vs-4; see also Acts 20:37

4.  What kind of faith did Timothy have, and what human hands helped him receive it ? Vs-5

5.  What does Paul command Timothy to do, are we to do the same and why?  Vs-6

6. Who was Paul a prisoner of?  Vs-8 

7. If a fellow Christian is suffering, what should we do? VS.-8

8. How were we NOT called to become a child of God? VS.-9

9. How were we called to become a child of God? VS.-9

10. When were we called to become a child of God? VS.-9, see also Ephesians 1:4

11.  What has been revealed to us by Jesus appearing?VS.-10

12. What was Paul appointed to do, according to verse 11? 

13. Why was Paul not ashamed of the Gospel? VS.-12

14. What was Timothy commanded to retain? VS.-13

15.  What has been entrusted to Timothy? VS.- 14

16.  Thought question; why do you think so many abandoned Paul? VS.-15; also 4:10,11

17. Why did Paul pray that God would grant Onesiphorus mercy? VS.-18

18. Contrast or compare the difference between Phyelus, Hermogenes and Onesiphorus.