Bible Study - May 18th, 2011

1 Timothy Bible Study
Chapter six questions
New Life Bible Church
May 18, 2011

Between his first and second imprisonments in Rome, Paul writes a letter of encouragement and instruction to Timothy, whom Paul has left as overseer of the church at Ephesus. Timothy faces some tough challenges: false teaching, leadership and organizational problems, and an absence of sound doctrine. Sound like the local church today?

1.  Why should employees be respectful of their employers and vise versa? V-1, 2

2.  How are false teachers described in verse 4?    

3.  What seems to motivate some false teachers? V-5

4.  Name one earthy benefit of living a godly life? V-6

5.  How should we view the possessions we have?   V-7

6.  How much should it take for you as  a Christian to be content? V-8

7. What is the tragedy of those who have a lust for money?  Vs-9, 10

8. What are Christians to flee from and flee to? Vs-10, 11   

9. How seriously should we consider the vow we made to the Lord at salvation? V-12

10. What charge does Paul give Timothy and who are his (Paul) two witnesses? ( V-13,14)

11. How is Jesus described in V-15?

12.  How is God and Jesus described in V-16?

13.  Why should you NOT fix who hope on your wealth? V-17

14.  Why should we do good works and share with the poor? V-18,19

15.  How does Paul describe the wisdom of this world,(knowledge, science)  and explain how it can be dangerous to Christians? V-20, 21

What verse in these six chapters was most meaningful to you? Chose only one. What spiritual lesson can you apply to your life from reading 1 Timothy?