Bible Study - February 17th, 2011

1 Thessalonians Chapters one and two

On Paul's second missionary journey, he was jailed in Philippi, spent about a month in Thessalonica, ran out of Berea and spent some time in Athens prior to going to Corinth where he penned this letter. It was written to express his gratitude, defended his name against slander, encouraged new converts, and answered questions concerning what happens when a Christian dies.

1.  What is considered the Siamese twins of the Bible?  V-1
2.  What three things does Paul bear in mind?  V-3
3.  How should the Gospel be shared? V-5
4.  What does it mean to you to be an imitator of the Lord? V-6
5.  Do Christians have idols? Yes   No.      Give examples. V-9
6.  What should not be a part of preaching or witnessing? Chp. 2:3
7.  What has God entrusted you with?  Chp. 2:4
8.  Verse 5 implies a warning for who those who love so call good "preaching", what is it? See also 2 Timothy 3:6
9.  What does Paul compare a minister to in verse 7?
10.  What else did they share besides the Gospel in verse 8?
11. Other than your church friends, who else should you be able to call on to be a character witness as a saint of God?
12.  Compare verses 7 and 11.  Write a short commentary.
13.  Read verses 14-16; why were Paul's own countrymen so upset? See also Acts 17:5.
14.  Who receives the Crown of rejoicing?  Will you?