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My Beloved! - Poetry by Regina

What a life you have given me,

the joy and peace that I only could have received

by you giving up your precious blood,

But as I speak, I am reminded that you were the perfect sacrifice.

I read in your message the cup that we as your people have to drink.

I know of the Cross that each one of us has to bear.

Since then I have experienced hatred and disloyal all around.

This let me know how you feel.

When those who are closest are the very ones that

turn against you; it's hurting, a bruise not easily healed.

But you expected it to happen to us because it happened to you first.

The love you show helps me to overlook and overcome my pain.

During the times we spend together, you keep me strong.

There were times, many times, I didn't understand,

but your presence gave me comfort.

I don't know where I would be now if you had not come in my life.

Even when I was out there in the world, you followed me.

You told your angels I was already yours; I just didn't know it yet.

When I slept during those nights, you stayed awake and planned my life.

You watched over me until I became yours.

When I became drunk on wine, you said I could receive the same effect through your Spirit.

You were there watching over me before I accepted your invitation.

But when I did accepted it,

You filled my body with your Spirit and you captured my heart forever.

I never knew what love meant until I met the one who designed it.

I am yours. It took me years to know this, but you knew many years before.

Even though I feel safe, I know I will suffer because of you.

But it's worth it when compared to the love I had before.

You let me know that you chose me.

No storm of life can ever separate us no hell could ever hold us.

Forgive me for I am weak and you may not always strive in my thoughts,

But because of your love for me you said I will always strive in yours.

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